Welcome to the DeusMC SMP Server Store!
On our store, you are able to purchase perks to improve your gameplay on the server.
In order to receive your rewards, be sure to be online to avoid any possible errors!

Payment Options
On our store our payment method is through Paypal. But never fear!
You are able to checkout without an account and use a Credit/Debit card instead.

No luck Receiving Items?
Having trouble redeeming your new perks? Be sure to join our Discord
and send CPK03#2468 a DM as soon as possible!

Quick Reminders
We consider all perks for sale on our store to be non-refundable. 

Failure to comply with this simple reminder could result in a ban on both our Discord and Minecraft Server. 

Be Smart! Make sure your 18+ or have your parents permission prior to purchasing here! Have Fun!